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The Metamation 101

Our goal is simple to continue bringing innovative and open minded solutions to our global customers though the continued development of our OWN core products for sheet metal CAD / CAM users.


Who are we?

We are a team who are passionate about what we do – our continuing goal at Metamation is to deliver the best CAD/CAM software solutions and support to our customers. We started this journey in 1995 with the goal to make a nesting engine but continued to grow as we identified requirements in the industry for good quality software. We believe in something beyond, something more and something better and are continuously striving to get there by staying on the cutting edge of software design and development.

What makes us different?

All of our products are designed and developed by our company! From CAD to Bend to tooling and nesting no re-badged products.

What is the advantage?

Designing and developing our own core products gives you the customer a completely seamless and standard environment to work in that can grow and adapt as your business needs change, while ensuring you have up to date innovative software solutions for your sheet metal manufacturing.

Working with Metamation

Metamation was founded in the 90’s and consists of a dedicated, collaborative and technically understanding team of people from around the globe. The qualities we look for in our team members are Hardworking, Dedicated, and Passionate and can think out of the box!

If you have an interest in working in the CAD/CAM arena and you think you can meet or exceed our team qualities then we would love to hear from you.


Current Positions

Metamation Flux Logo


Flux es una nueva y muy completa plataforma e interface, toda su esencia esta construida en base a la velocidad y exactitud para el procesamiento de archivos CAD y de doblez.

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Metamation 2D CAD Logo


Funcionalidades fáciles y poderosas para importación o dibujo CAD. MetaCAD soporta multiples formatos de importación y tiene su propia plataforma 2D y 3D que permite dibujar tus propias piezas rápida y fácilmente.

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Metamation 3D CAD Logo


Powerful and easy features for CAD Importing or Drawing. MetaCAD supports multiple import formats and has its own 2D and 3D CAD engine which will allow you to quickly and easily draw your own parts.

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Metamation 5-Axis Logo

5 Ejes Rotativo

Modulo MetaCAM para programación de tubos redondos, cuadrados y rectangulares.

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Metamation Bending Logo


Maneja miles de mejoras con MetaBEND, el software de programación ¨offline¨ diseñado para aumentar la productividad, calidad y validación de manufactura.

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Metamation Enterprise Logo

MetaCAM Enterprise

MetaCAM Enterprise brinda un nuevo nivel para la automatización y visibilidad de tus productos basados en MetaCAM

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Metamation Punching Logo

CAM de punzonado

El modulo de punzonado PUnch CAM provee una productividad sin paralelo para punzonadoras de torreta además de la funcion de automecanizado y control de secuencia con los cuales puedes obtener los resultados que usted desea.

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Metamation Cutting Logo

CAM de Corte

Obtenga el máximo aprovechamiento de sus maquinas de corte lineal con tablas tecnológicas sofisticadas configure diferentes reglas para mantener su equipo trabajando en la forma en que lo necesita.

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Metamation Combination Logo

Combinacion Corte y Punzonado

Todo el poder de corte lineal y del Punzonado CAM juntos para sus maquinas combinadas o combo.

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Punch Shear Software | Metamation

Punch Shear Combination

Automated support for punch shear with clear visuals, dedicated nesting algorithm and sequencing control.

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Metamation Nesting Logo

Anidado CAD CAM

Las soluciones de anidado CAD CAM de Metamation consisten en una plataforma de anidado automático con algoritmos de acomodo dedicados para procesos de Punzonado, Corte Lineal, Punzonado/Cizallado y muchas otras más, diseñadas para obtener un aprovechamiento máximo de materiales basado en la demanda disponible.

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Metamation Supported Logo

Maquinas Soportadas

De lo nuevo a lo viejo, de lo manual a automatizado. Metamation soporta multiples marcas fabricantes de maquinas de corte lineal y dobladoras.

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Metamation Solutions Logo


Vea nuestras soluciones integradas con SolidWORKS (CAD), SolidEDGE (CAD), MIE Solutions (ERP/MRP) y The Aquila Group (MES)

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