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Part Creation

Powerful and easy features for CAD Importing or Drawing. MetaCAD supports multiple import formats and  has its own 2D and 3D CAD engine which will allow you to quickly and easily draw your own parts ready for Press Brake Programming.


Setting your tooling inventory in MetaBEND is very quick and simple as it has a very large and comprehensive tooling database consisting from many of the worlds manufactures. Simply select your tools and indicate the physical segment lengths and quantities you have and the auto tool engine is ready to go.

If  addition if you have any customised tooling you can also draw or import these directly into the software.



Detailed views for automatic sequencing, manual sequencing along with the ability to join and merge bends.


MetaBEND offers full 360 degree simulation in X,Y an Z along with being able to zoom in/out and hide parts of the press brake if you need more detailed clarity.

NC Code

Quick click to export NC code and controller detailed features for our large range of supported formats

  • Accurpress
  • BNC
  • Bystronic
  • Cincinnati
  • Cybelec
  • Delem
  • DLD
  • ESA
  • Muratec
  • Safan
  • Toyo

Bend Database

Metabend has a large and detailed bend database that allows you to modify and create custom bend deductions, whilst incorporating cut adjustment and hemming detailed deductions.

Custom Tools

Import or draw your custom tools.

Manual Editing

Metabend has a powerful editor that will allo you to make any adjustments from within a 2D or 3D enviroment.

  • Bend Sequence.
  • Bend tool assignment.
  • Tool and part positioning.
  • Edit and merge multi stage set ups.
  • Move or remove punch clamps.


Using the MetaBEND viewer , you can install onto brake operators screens, which will allow them to recall the programs and play simulations through.

Collision Check

MetaBEND contains a detailed and visual validation where checks for correct Punch’s, Die’s and Holder’s are in use along with collision checking all areas of the press brake from frame to tooling to gauges. To further aid design and development we also perform Deformation analysis to alert you to any potential hole stretch when holes are close to bend lines.


MetaBEND comes with standard and customisable reports that can be printed or saved in an electronic formats. These reports show everything from the tools used to setting positions through to sequencing of the parts.

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