Sheet Metal Cad CAM 25.Jan.17

Streamline your Sheet Metal CAD CAM for 2017

It’s a new year and maybe time to review your sheet metal CAD CAM software? The industry is undergoing changes with advancements in more powerful machines, automation and not to mention Industry 4.0! All of which is leading to a more competitive arena, where margins are squeezed to help stay ahead.


At Metamation our commitment to software development gives customers several unique benefits, firstly from a standard work environment, as our software modules are seamlessly connected making training and learning very minimal and logical. In addition as we control our software we don’t have to worry about 3rd party vendor changes and re-integrating them to link and work with other modules giving users a much more stable environment to work in.

Click below to see how fluid our environment works between different modules.

Simple 2D / 3D CAD demonstration.

Industry 4.0 / Connectivity

No doubt many people are hearing about industry 4.0, which for some may appear as a buzz word but when broken down it is all about connectivity, with our software connectivity is not a problem and we can easily work from ERP/MRP/MES production requests in a variety of different styles and formats and we can help drive automation and tracking for the sheet metal CAD CAM process from the office through primary manufacture with our MetaCAM Enterprise module. We also work directly with with leading ERP/MRP provider MIE Solutions with a direct integration in the MIE-TRAK Pro software.

Most Importantly

If don’t need lots of different modules we will provide you with exactly what you need for your Sheet Metal CAD CAM requirements safe in the knowledge that if your business needs change or grow we have the integrated solutions to continue the journey with you.

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